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18 Lamborghinis:eek:

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MurcieMurcie, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. http://www.dupontregistry.com/Celebritycar/spring04/clSpg04-RichardBerry.asp?sessionkey={2996ACE5-6CD0-43D3-B7DB-2FD619FDDB0F}

    18 Lamborghinis and an Enzo to boot...Talk about a dream collection:)
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  3. Man, he's got it going. 18 Lambos, 7 Ferrari's, and others.
  4. Thats amazing...one of the most beautiful collections i have ever seen. He has damn near any modern exotic you can think of, wait does he have an F40 or F50?....i saw the Enzo.
  5. thats the guy who bought all the callaway vets last year
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  7. I saw a program they did on him. It was I think the fine living channel.....or maybe speed vision during the Auction.
  8. H O L Y C R A P !
  9. At least he acknowledges the fact he was lucky enough to be born into that family and definitely shows some respect for where he came from. It appears from the article this guy isn't just going from place to place asking for respect and shows interest in sharing his success, ( ie: opening up a car museum, ) with others.

    Surprises me to see in the Lambo section a write up on this guy. As listed in that magazine article, he said the only car he would keep if he had to pick one would be the Enzo. Im not trying to provoke another one of these pointless Lambo vs Ferrari debates. I guess I am one of the few Fcar fans who believes comparing stats and throwing insults is pointless ( I beleive just go with what you like, ) and that if I had to pick between Lambo and Ferrari, the only time I will agree with Deon Sanders is now and say, " I'll take both."


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