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1287hp LAMBORGHINI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MAHOOL, Feb 14, 2005.

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  3. Just try to imagine how often that car gets worked on....
  4. nice ... i love the rear
  5. the plumbing looks worthy of a Lamborghini, symetrical, Polished, and clean
  6. Fun stuff!! That plumbing is very well done..
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  8. That is enough horsepower to get about 280 mph if the gearing is up to it and my math is correct. Crazy. Take that Koenigsegg.
  9. License plate should be "BONE STK"

  10. Is that the diablo from pmengine.com ??
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  12. Wow. And noone would expect that. I mean they'd know it was fast, but that fast?
  13. I saw the pic of the engine bay and my jaw hit the desk. I think I need some stitches. I'd like one day with that!

  14. *Imagines 6k launch.....*
  15. who wants to bet you can spin the tires throughout all 6 gears

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