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10 Murcielago Questions

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Murcielago03, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. I know there are alot of Murcielago owners on this board (congrats for getting one) Anyways, I had some questions about the cars.

    1. Are the Gallardo brake calipers larger? because from the pictures Ive seen they appear to be. And how come you cant get painted calipers like the gallardo?

    2. Using the ( < = > 1,2,3,4 ) buttons beside the gearbox I know they adjust the cars suspension. How high/low can you go?, what do you use for regular driving? And How often do you use them?

    3. Im curious to see what a Murcielago key looks like can someone take a picture of one? do they differ from 2002-04?

    4. Is the seat adjuster electronic?

    5. Is it difficult to get into because of the doors?

    6. Do the projector lens on the headlamps have a lambo logo on it?

    7. What is the size of this car? Compare to everyday care (Ie: Honda Accord)

    8. How would rate the stock sound system?

    9. How would you compare the sound of the Murcie to a 360?

    10. Does heigh affect driving the Murci. I'am 5''8 and some cars are not suited for my height is this one of them?

    I know alot of these are stupid questions but its for my own personal knowledge. I would really like to own this machine one day and would like to familiarize myself with it. Thanks in advance to all those who answer, your giving a 20 year old much inspiration.
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  3. 1.) Don't know.

    2.) This isn't the lift, this is the shock settings for a comfy or a sporty ride. The lift system is up or down, and it's 4cm of a lift. No owner uses this because they know it causes leaky shocks.

    3.) Don't know.

    4.) Yes.

    5.) No.

    6.) Don't know

    7.) Shorter than the accord. It's about the width of a king size bed and 1.5x the length. Check lamboweb.com for exact dimensions.

    8.) Sucks ass. All Lambos sound suck ass.

    9.) Completely different, apples to oranges.

    10.) You're a midget at 5'8". You can fit into any car. Once you hit 5'11" or better you might have a height issue. I'm 5'11" and I fit into my Diablo 6.0, which has less headroom than the Murci, and I fit with about 1" to spare. It's still comfy.
  4. 1) Don't know

    2) I usually leave in in auto and works great.

    3) I'll post a pic next time.

    4) I think it's an option.

    5) Once you get used to it, it's fine. The best way is for the butt to go in first.

    6) I don't think so.

    7) It's not that long but wider than anything on the road. The width is exaggerated because of the height.

    8) Never used it before. The exhaust sound (with Tubi) is all the sound system I need.

    9) The exhaust sound is quite different than the 360. Stock for stock, the 360 is probably louder and higher pitched, and not as solid. In stock form, the Murcie, is quite quiet with most of the sound coming from the engine and not the exhaust. The Tubi (2 cat and muffler bypass) transformed the exhaust note completely.

    10) I'm 6'3" and I have some space to spare.
  5. I'm afraid my question might be a lot dumber but here it goes:
    do the windows roll up & down? (since they are leaning)
    also would someone explain why the entry level Gallardo has bigger better looking wheels than a twice priced Murcielago?
  6. The windows certainly go up and down in all Diablos and Murci's. If they don't, they are either borken :), or it is a kit car........

    I should note that in the Diablo, they don't go *all* the way down, about 1.5" is sticking up out of the door. Not sure if this is the case on the Murci.

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  8. Oh, Gallardo isn't 1/2 the price of the Murci, it's 2/3 the price as a better approximation.

    The wheels on the Gallardo are 1" larger, that is true. The tires, however, are not bigger.

    Gallardo tires (front/back) - 235/35 ZR 19 / 235/30 ZR 19
    Murci tires (front/back) - 245/35 ZR 18 / 335/30 ZR 18

    (235 to 335 in the rear -- that's significant! 1/3 more tire for 1/3 more in price, just a coincidence of course ;))

    Why the wheels themselves are larger I've got no idea. I'd imagine that unless there is a technical reason it was a style/design choice.

  9. Gallardo brakes are bigger than the murcielago.
  10. The Murcielago, has a more elaborate wheels. Something like a multipiece forged wheels with much greater width.
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  12. Thanks for your replies guys....does anyone have a pic of the 05 Murcie or know for sure the changes?
  13. 1) Yes. The Gallardo sports larger brakes. The late 05 Murcie will have similar brakes, larger than current.

    2) How high or low? Not sure what you mean. 1 is softest, 4 is firmest. For everyday driving, leave it in automatic mode, which stays at 1 most of the time. For aggressive cornering, or high speed on smooth roads, go with 4.

    3) I'll try to take a pic if/when I have a chance.

    4) No electronic seats, only manual. Electronic is not an option.

    5) Getting into is a little tricky.

    6) No. No logo there.

    7) Not sure how the size compares to something like an Accord.

    8) Stock sound is not great, as is customary with most exotics.

    9) Murcie sounds much more aggressive and intimidating. 8 vs. 12 cylinders, there's no comparison.

    10) I am 5'9" and I fit perfectly in mine.
  14. Exactly. And I do like the look of the Murci wheel better than the G car.
  15. 295/30-19 rear. Not what you listed.
  16. How is the visibility in the Murcie ? From all points forward,rear,mirrors and blind?
  17. what I meant was: Countach windows do they roll up & down?
  18. The bottom portion rolls down 4-5" .Thats it.

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