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'05 Roadster for $400k!!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MurcieMurcie, Feb 13, 2005.

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  2. OMG! Whoever buys that is going to regret it soo much in a few years.
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    SCWHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Looks like I'll have to take a ride up there in the F40 & maybe swing a "Test Drive" LOL

    Looks like 1970s Mopar Sublime paint

    Now this red one from our friends in TX was SO gorgeous it made me consider swapping the F40 but since my financial plan doesn't involve me losing $200k in the next 2 years I decided on the 512M slutmobile instead

    Maybe 2 yrs from now I'll get a Murcielago Spyder at 50% off :)
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  4. Dealers are asking that much and are able to sell for that much. It's not a financially wise decision but neither is any Lamborghini. :)

  5. Dupontregistry.com has about 7 Roadsters listed and only one has a price, which is $384,995 at Bentley Gold Coast. I haven't shopped around in a while, but from what I remember, Bentley Gold Coast has pretty reasonable prices, so maybe today's market value of the Roadster is right up there around $400k. Too bad too bcz the value will be around $300k before you know it.
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  7. Aren't roadsters more limited then the other models?
  8. Hey if I put $4000 down and 7% for 60 months, my payments are only $7645 a month!!! What a steal, I think I'll bid... or not.

    I believe that to be a relatively fair price to ask, but not so to pay. Where there's a market there's a way.
    I LOVE that car and would definitely pay MSRP for one... after I had the Zonda Roadster in the barn first.
  9. The top look so ugly is like a piece of fake hair on the bald guy's head.
  10. MurcieMurcie is right they are having a hard time selling them @ msrp. This car has been a huge flop. It would have sold so much better if there was a functional top like the diable roadster. What the hell were lamborghini executives thinking?
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  12. How does the top come down/off? Similar to the Ferrari Barchetta? Pain in the arse to manually remove it?
  13. OMG I gotta have one tonight. Why wait and buy a car that is two/three years old with 1,500 miles and 50,000 off MSRP ? Get it TONIGHT !!!!!
  14. Yes, the top is dumb but I think its been anything but a flop. I think its easily the most desirable car of 2005. I am sure they wont have any problem selling them
  15. (Executive's thoughts) Hmmmm $400,000, you think this thing will ever see a drop of rain? Hell, no. Ok no top at all. No no. Then they'll be mad that it can't hide from the rain that they'll never take it in. Shlt we can't win, better design a top real quick. Now how would a Italian design it? Oh yeah make it complicated as hell. The less of my Germanness the better. I wonder if my Ruf will do 200mph on the bahn tonight?
  16. Auction ended at $390k and it still did'nt hit the reserve:eek:
  17. If it is so desirable than why can I go to several dealerships and purchase one for msrp? This is a supposed to be a limited production model, if it were super hot, they would all be selling for a nice premium if any were even available. Not that they are entirely similar but close enough, the 360 spider has been in production for 4 years and you would be hardpressed to walk into a dealership and buy one for msrp(on a car that everyone knows will be replaced by year end). I know the murcielago is much more expensive but lets face it if you can afford a 200K+ car you probably can afford a 330k+ car. I am not making arguments about the performance of the car itself (it is wonderful except for the stupid top), but I am arguing about the demand for the car.
  18. I hope you are correct so I can buy one cheap :)
  19. Thats an awsome deal!!! I think Im gunna get two! ;)
  20. you could leave the car in the garage when it rains, but I'm really worried about what happens when you wash the car. The top doesn't look like it's tight enough to block water coming out of a hose. Any owner has tried it?
  21. The seller is Prestige in N. Miami Fl. They are to be avoided and play games all the time. Many unhappy stories over many years from that store. The owner is looking to advertise the car only and probably hopes to sell it to some smuck from Miami for $500000. I bet his "reserve" was somewhere between $450 and $500K. I was just offered a new roadster for $350K with Egear. Prestige is on another planet.
  22. When I was there last month they told me that their is no way to touch one of these cars at list and they said they had a wait list on them now. At least part of their statement is true , at least at their lot.
  23. The Murcielago roadster is another example of a beautiful Lamborghini. Dealers were hoping to make large profits over MSRP on this car, and most are still trying. Lamborghini enthusiasts are leery to pay over MSRP{no matter how much they love the car} for any Lambo, especially after the drop of the Gallardo caused by the german{Audi} influence to build as many cars as they can sell to their dealers. You have to respect Ferrari when it comes to supply and demand. I'd say there wouldn't be a Roadster on a showroom if they had sold their vehicles at MSRP{or very close} when they received them. Most dealers had to discount Gallardos' heavily to move their inventory with 2005's in the pipeline, and I think they still want to use the Murcielago Roadster to make up some of those lost profits, since they are "suposedly" going to receive a very limited allocation for 2005. That is what the factory tells them anyway.
  24. Lambo should get the Gallardo spyder out ASAP. If they beat the 430 spyder to the market they will make big $$$
  25. My "new" 95 512M has no top whatsoever for the moment. I'll just have to be carefule where I point the hose. Thats what she said anyways LOL
  26. Agreed the Murcielago roadster is simply amazing in Verde Ithaca and in the Red (forget the name).. Great car but 400k is pushing it IMO.
  27. great point, if they beat ferrari to the market they will get the first blow, which always helps sales, athought the 430 spider already has a 2-3 year waiting list...its though to beat ferrari at its own game....

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