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04 to 03/02 Murcielagos

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by udalmia, Jun 5, 2004.

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  2. We have an 04 and our neighbors an 03. They are basically the same car. As with any car there are minor changes and or improvements each year. In the Murcielago they are minor. Yes, and 04 is a little bit better but an 03 is basically just as good.

  3. He's making more money off you if you buy an 04, thats the bottom line.
  4. Never trust fully what a man who is trying to get money from you says!
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  6. Let me tell you something about the carpet. I vacume cars all day and we have a guy who has a Murcielago. 02/03 models have a interior thats hard to keep clean. This is based soley on the fact that Audi/VW owns them. Audi/VW/Porsche/Lambos up to 03/04 have hard carpet to vacume.
    But that is just a mere factor in buying one of the worlds fastest cars.
  7. What happened, Ive read several posts. You seemed to be so much in love with your spider. Why the sudden change?
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  9. That's the way it sometimes happens. Did you do the deal yet??
  10. 2003 and 2004 are almost identical. Would not touch one in an '03? I don't understand. Does he not have a pre-owned 2003 to sell so he is flipping you to a new car? The 2004 does have an airpump on the motor now for emissions reasons, and a few other little things. Biggest thing for you is that the E-gear only came in the Murci in 2004. It is an absolutely flawless system in that car. Works better in the Murci than in the Gallardo in my opinion. Black on black is a great color combo, you cannot go wrong. We order most of our cars in that color combo with red stitching. You will enjoy that car more than you can imagine I promise.

  11. How much do you guys pay brand new in the US?? Is it about 275-300 dollars? The reason I ask, is I'm trying to figure out how much secondhand ones are worth here in England - we pay about 305 US dollars new for a good spec one, and most secondhand '02 for sale are going for around 270 dollars!!! Thats a whole heap more than what you guys are paying.

    I'm wondering whether this is just because the UK only get 40 cars a year (RHD), and people don't like driving LHD European imports. Interestingly you can pick up a LHD euro/US import in the UK for around 190 dollars (e.g in grey - least popular colour)

    The price difference is soooo huge (RHD to LHD) its just mad. Maybe I'm missing something, anyone got any comments or ideas on why this is?

  12. what do you think of the 02s chris?
  13. I really like to 2002 as well. They are the first production so they had some updates that needed to be done. I also heard, have not had one yet, that at 80mph in 4th gear that the drive line has some vibration but I think it was just a bearing on the transaxle. There are a few people here that might be able to expound. I have a 2003 black on black murci with red stitch that is perfect with 500 miles. Those cars are great deals I think but that is just me. Believe me, I am envious as if I had the means I would scoop up a Murci in a heartbeat!!! Let me know if you have any more questions that I can help you with. If you need any info on a car that you are looking at I would be happy to put in a call to someone if you need it. That goes for any of you that I can help.

  14. thanks chris...
  15. btw, "having the means" is a relative phrase....some of us exotic car fans are not multimillionares but are willing to irrationally stretch our credit sources to get the exotic cars of our dreams, even if it may not look finanically prudent to an accountant...but what the heck, life is short and it not that fun being rational all the time...besides, who wants to be some senile old man in a nursing home with a ton of money that his relatives will enjoy
  16. How is it having a Murcielago AND a neighbor who also has a Murcielago? Do you guys go on weekend "fun runs" or something? That would be awesome.
  17. We both have Maranellos and Murcielagos. It is fun to do things together.


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