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04 Gallardo For Sale -Celeb Owned

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Porsche944, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Hey Whats Up..

    I am helping a buddy of mine sell this car..He is a famous dj in the techno music scene....If you would like more details... please visit http://www.jerzgraphics.com/gallardo/

    and PM me or email me jerzgraphics@aol.com with any questions...It's located in New Jersey.


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  3. Tell him I'll trade him my 2005 Cadillac CTS-V (black on black w/ corsa exhaust) and 1997 Toyota Supra (830rwhp) for it!!

  4. Eric Morillo? Felix Da Housecat?
  5. gonna drop a name? if he was around in early techno days i probly know of him.
  6. could be louie devito, he posts on here sometimes, and i think he mentioned having a gallardo before and hes from nj
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  8. it's him..

  9. Oh man...that's the greatest. I loved him on Taxi and Ruthless People
  10. danny devito is a techno d.j?
    dang.....i am way out of the loop!!!!
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  12. I would hope god that nobody pays more money for a gallardo because some "celeb" dj owned it.
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    dance b!tch dance
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  14. I've had a few CDs from him. He puts CDs together very well. The ones I had were not music created by him, rather they were compilation CDs from various artists. I'm not familiar with his own personal music and not even sure if he makes his own, but his CDs always had several tracks that I liked.
  15. louie devito is the dj
    danny is the actor

    and yea i think he only puts out compilation cds...havent really seen him make any of his own music recently
  16. so true.

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