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New Profile Posts

  1. w.Hudkins
    w.Hudkins jimshadow
    Hi Jim, The GT4 Looks Great.
  2. kraftwerk
    kraftwerk Far Out
    cool avatar mate
  3. ttforcefed
    ttforcefed azew
    hey did u ever go back and check out collectors car garage?
  4. WJHMH
    WJHMH AntonyR
    Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for.

    hi Brian
    do you have a SC 308? cool car
  6. invid
    invid SDChris
    Hi Chris, heard you are the guy to go to for ferraris... I've been looking for a white f430 coupe for the past couple months..any chance you can get me into one?
  7. geno berns
    geno berns
    You only live once. Work hard, but play harder!